Friday, 29 December 2017


Stranger Things TV show - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror

Horror has long gone hand in hand with fantasy and science fiction. Many classic horror stories are also fantasy or science fiction stories, and fantasy and science fiction stories often have elements of horror in them. Where would Lord of the Rings have been without the Nazghul, undead kings dominated by the power of the rings? Where would Alien have been without the alien? Dracula and Frankenstein are both considered horror fiction, but Dracula is also fantasy and Frankenstein clearly has early science fiction elements. So, what are the differences between horror and general science fiction/fantasy? Here are a few general guidelines to help distinguish the genres.If you're looking for more tips, has it for you.

In general fantasy and science fiction, the main characters have abilities that are a match for the antagonists. In horror, that is often not the case. Frodo had Sting and his eleven mail to protect him. In Star Trek the crew members of the Enterprise have their wits, their training and their equipment to deal with their enemies. In a Zombie apocalypse, the main characters typically have little or nothing to protect them except what they find lying around.

In general fantasy and science fiction, the heroes typically have someone that knows what is going on and can explain what they will face. In horror this is seldom the case. Obi Wan Kenobi, Gandalf, Dumbledore or some higher up in Star Fleet command or some member of the ship's crew can usually give the lead characters at least some idea who they are up against and how to beat them. In horror, if there is someone that actually knows what is going on, they are probably in an asylum or some other inconvenient location, and their warnings may not make sense until after someone has been eaten. In addition, wise old mentors in horror have a disturbing habit of being wrong on very important issues. In a horror story, the protagonists are often responsible for their own survival and victory.